It’s been quite some weeks since i wrote an article about “Freewill” and closed it with “To be continued on next article tag” Yeah things have been little bit difficult for me as i try to keep up with everyone but my mind getting slowly drifted away and couldn’t getting grip to hold down. Coming back to our subject AN ALTERNATE REALITY : from the name itself implies to certain events and its possible outcome like a ? mark which points towards to real life scenario. So my question is why do we need an alternate reality ? if so then how can we achieve it ?

This Spinning Top is been popular among Us From the movie INCEPTION (2010) directed by christopher nolan. By analyzing carefully we can adopt the idea used in film to convert it as Our ALTERNATE REALITY.!!!

Inception an alternate reality in which we are the kings and queens in our own world. See from the time of human evolution Dreams always are a fascinating subject among us, we dream past , present & future with hope. In the movie itself nolan introduced the unlimited possibilities of dreaming which opens in dream state as we are the creators and can achieve whatever we want & the possibilities are infinite and in search for the better future the inception and it’s possibilities of dreams makes an impact to the society around us. Dream’s often occur in our sleep and some of us experience our dream as real like when we jump from the cliff inside a dream state we often founds out it as real like a kick or an impulse being triggered inside our brain then suddenly voluntarily or involuntarily we woke up. I have been always fascinated about dreams and try to follow the science behind it but often leads to disappointment then the Movie INCEPTION occur and my whole perspective changed. I often tries to dream like in the movie as deep Layered dreaming but as further going deep the continuity begins to lose but few months ago an idea about shared dreaming or we can say virtual dreaming begins to sprout like combining our technologies and inventions which can leads to creation of our own PANDORA like in the movie Avatar.

It Doesn’t matter as long as we are together

Why dreams are important to us…? before answering to this question we can analyze one important scene from inception.

  • In my dreams. we’re still together ~ The idea is to being together and let me ask you a question what’s the most precious thing to your life….? little bit difficult huh…. ya it is but for me it isn’t.
  • The most precious thing for me is my MEMORIES and without it am just good as dead…!!!
  • I often hold onto my memories and revisit it on each dream. it gives me a great feeling and sometimes understanding about reality of life.
  • So if shared dreaming or virtual dreaming gives us freewill then i will go for it.

“After a while, it becomes the only way to Dream”

“You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you can’t know for sure.

Yet it doesn’t matter . . .

Because you’ll always be together.”

― Cobbs, Mal

“Sometimes, we need to take the leap of faith in order to find our selves The reality will always be ugly but there will be glimpses of hope and we need to embrace that rays of hope”

We all deserves a Second chance…!

Certain things take it’s own to work magic right. so never stop chasing your dreams… one day everything will back on track. have some little bit of faith.. trust in yourselves no matter what happens be forward and ready to take the leap of faith. If dreams are better than reality then who are we to say otherwise…?

“Who would wanna be stuck in a dream for ten years?” “Depends on the dream.”

That’s It BYE..!!!

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